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I am always open to hearing anyone’s comments or questions so if you are looking to reach me you can email me at I would also like feedback on what I am writing as well as suggestions, feel free to be as brutal as possible.


None of this should be taken as investment advice, I am not a registered investment adviser, nor am I an investment professional. If you are stupid enough to be convinced by my dry and awful writing style and buy any of the companies that I have mentioned understand that I quite literally have no idea what I am talking about. Whatever companies, or assets that I am talking about might not suit your financial situation, understanding that when investing there is a chance of permanent capital loss. Also understand whatever companies, assets, or topics that I talk about could be completely wrong and most likely they will be. Do your own research and think for your self, if fact if your cannot do either of those two you shouldn’t be investing anyway

The only thing I ask if you are to publish any of the information from this website at least give your boy some credit, thanks.