I’m a value focused investor, I try to find opportunity throughout the whole global markets, it does not matter what country a company is in, if it is cheap enough, I will buy it. Being a very cheap person in my everyday life this way of thinking about investing makes the most sense to me. To add I don’t discriminate when it comes to the type of value investing that I partake in. This ranges from buying dirt cheap companies that are trading for less than net cash, net working capital, or below working capital. Also high quality companies that have been compounding their value over year and for whatever reason have temporary fallen out of favor. Lastly I indulge in special situations such as arbitrage every once in a while.

Because of my depth of research, rather based on what I think is considerable depth of research, I keep a very concentrated portfolio, I also only invest my own money. I don’t have a determined holding period rather I hold an investment until I feel that the company has appreciated to the point where it is no longer cheap and I feel that I can get better value elsewhere in the market.

Ultimately my goal is to not face permanent capital loss and beat the market averages.