My Portfolio Page is set up

I have set up my real time (or as real time as I can make it at this moment) portfolio, it can be found next to my About Me and Contact button near the top right. I’ll still be searching for a way to automate it. Having this page does me a large favor, sometimes I own a stock and don’t want to write about it, sometimes I want to write about a stock and don’t own it. This also frees me up to write about more general topics. Though I will still be writing about individual stocks as I see necessary.


So here is my plan, as per the tab, you’ll see I have around 37% of my portfolio in cash, while this is a lot, I wish that’s all the capital that I feel needs to be deployed, but over the next two weeks I plan to be as fully allocated as possible so I would take my current portfolio as displayed with a grain of salt. If I had to sum my portfolio up in two words it would be transition period and I blame it on the second half of 2017 the stocks I picked were realizing value faster than I expected on top of that I was selling down large positions leaving me with a bundle of cash to deploy. With that lets get take a dive into my portfolio give an idea of what it might look like within the coming weeks.


EUPIC was one of my best preforming stocks last year, which was up 78.06% for me without including the dividend. It currently composes 21% of my portfolio as a result of those gains as I have yet to take any profit from those gains. I have debated taking some as logically it makes sense to take back my principle, deploying it elsewhere, and let pure profit remain as my position. Then again, the stock isn’t what I would deem overvalued, it still sports a 6.5x P/E ratio but trades at exact book value. Next is FFGRP or Folli Follie, a stock I didn’t talk about on my here but I did write two Seeking Alpha posts about the company, I won’t go into details since I already did that but this position will either remain unchanged or be added to slightly when the dust settles.


DF or Dean Foods was a stock I bought around the same time that I had picked up FINL, a leveraged play that I usually stay away from, but it’s cheap, beaten down, and one of the leaders in the dairy industry supplying 30% of the drinking milk in the United States.


Moving on, FINL reported earnings and I saw it rise to a price that was near 30% higher than my purchase price, as such I took some profit, half my position, then the price continued up to $15 a share, the price I thought would be a sufficient fair value. The price during the new year has done nothing but go down and now sits at $13.06, around the price I sold half my shares, and I have yet to find a material reason and as you would expect I plan on holding the shares I didn’t sell and if the price keeps falling I will purchase more.


USNU is a stock I wrote a post about; recent news may warrant a new post but besides that at this time I have nothing to add other than it will remain unchanged.


Now AAPL and HIFS, two stocks that for the last year and a half put my portfolio on their backs and ran with it. There was a point in 2016, around the time Trump was elected, that these two stocks represented around 80% of my portfolio. I bought them a few months apart, AAPL on May 18-20th and HIFS was picked up from August 12-19th. Following the Trump run I sold most of my HIFS position to what it is at now as a substitute to cash. AAPL I held on to, in full, until the middle of the year when I began to sell. At this moment, both are being used as substitutes to cash. Apple will most likely vanish within the next two weeks, HIFS will stay.


THST a stock I have yet to talk about, is a turnaround selling below NVAC with one activist that turned into two with too much detail to go in this post all I have to add is that this will remain either unchanged or increased.


TGEN is growth at a fair price stock, it is becoming profitable which it should do for the first time in its history this year and will remain unchanged.


Arbitrage is a mix of special situations that I use for a substitute to cash, this may fluctuate either up or down.


With that I wish everyone a happy new year and cheers to another year of solid investing.