What I am Reading This Weekend July 30th 2017

It might be rather late to post this as “Weekend Reading” as this post is going up a little after midnight on Saturday but I’d like to share some of my reading material that I have read today and plan to read tomorrow.

Amazon 2016 Annual Report and 2017 Q1 and Q2 report : As a result of my recent post I figured I should brush up on these, I recommend really spending some time reading these thoroughly.

Baupost Q2 Investor Letter : Jim Mooney does a fantastic job at explaining investor complacency as of late and the outcomes that could happen as a result.

Tecogen 2016 Q2 10Q : Company that I’ve followed for a couple months following their announce merger with ADGE, brushing up on their previous years Q2 report before August 10 earnings are released. The create co-generation systems for commercial buildings using natural gas. This adds value to the customer because it can literally cut a clients energy bill in half.

Weekly Rail Traffic Report : If you don’t read this report every week you should start, one of the best ways to measure how well the economy is chugging along.

OCC Derivative Report : For bank investors that want to scare themselves BEWARE.

Lastly I’ve been reading the book ExxonMobile Private Empire.

These I feel were the most important of the material that I plan on reading or have read this weekend, since its Q2 earnings season I didn’t want to list just a bunch of quarterly reports so I will leave below the 10Q’s that were released recently for the second quarter that i’ll be finishing up this weekend at the below if anyone is interested.

  1. Hingham Institution For Savings
  2. Caterpillar
  3. 3M
  4. AV Homes
  5. Unity Bancorp
  6. Aberdeen International
  7. Richardson Electronics

These are just a few off the top of my head, obviously I’ll be reading any Dow Jones 30 or Transport 10Q that is out so I didn’t want to add anymore of those.

If I remember anymore interesting ones before or after I read it I’ll add it.