First post to the blog

I would like to welcome whoever is new to the blog, thank you I hope you enjoy my thoughts and hopefully you’re able to leave here with a little bit more information than when you came.

Moving on, if you didn’t know by now this blog will be about value investing. Posts will contain my write up’s on different stocks from around the whole globe that might not be as well known to the value investing general, and certainly to the investing community in general as well as my general thoughts and analysis on companies and industries that are of focus in the news at that current time.

I like to read, at times more than it might be healthy to do so, ¬†and I think it is of importance to write about a book after finishing as it helps me work through the thoughts I’ve had in my head as I was reading. Secondly, if you are someone like me, I will have a lot of resources after the posts that will allow you to do further analysis of your own as well as resources that you might want to tuck away. Examples would be articles, documents, whether they be analysis from other writers, data published by the government whether that be the department of labor, department of energy, etc. Also I have a large archive of very old annual reports, so as I have said previous if a may be of focus in the news and I have an old report I may throw it in as a bonus. As well as websites that relate to whatever topic that we are talking about.

Most importantly I want to use this blog as a way to talk to other value investors, being able to bounce idea’s off of other people who are thinking about the same topics as you are is a valuable asset. You are more than welcome to post in the comments and I will answer question or give commentary as fast as I can. If you would otherwise like to contact me my email is cameron@theoremlabs.com.

Wrapping up the first few posts will probably come out in quick succession considering that I have been thinking about starting this blog for a long while. They will most likely contain write up about companies that I am currently invested in or the few that I am intently watching.